How To Pick The Right Chandelier For Your Home Decor


Many home owners are always on the lookout for an effective way to add Beauty, sophistication, modern lighting and character their homes.  Nothing accomplishes this goal or transforms a room from a run of the mill living area to an elegant and functional space more than the beauty and functionality of a chandelier and the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the right style or piece for your home.

Chandeliers all come in various sizes and designs – from beautiful modern chandeliers to simple yet elegant drum design. They are also available in many materials from basic textile designs to more stylish crystal chandeliers.  Regardless of how you will use a chandelier to alter your living area, you will find that the possibilities are endless and definitely worthy of consideration and planning before you purchase and then install your chandelier.

  • Glass Chandeliers

Are easily the most popular type of chandelier because of their aesthetic value and easier maintenance and cleaning.  Glass chandeliers allow the lights on the inside to shine brighter using the inherent quality of the glass to magnify the light.  Because glass can be molded into various attractive designs, it gives the home owner or designer the flexibility to be inventive and incorporate the room design into the selection of the chandelier.  Glass can also be colored to introduce a certain mood or aesthetic presentation.  The main advantage of glass chandeliers is that they are easy to maintain and clean.

are most commonly used in bedrooms and other smaller spaces where the designer is going for more focused light.  These types of Chandeliers are successful in eliminating the hardness in light and contributing to a more cozy and warm atmosphere.  Because these chandeliers are relatively easy to make they are also very affordable, which is why they are a very popular choice among homeowners on a budget.  In addition to the advantage of being less expensive, they are also very easy to install and perhaps even easier to replace.

  • Beaded Chandeliers

It can be said that most people consider chandeliers to be restricted and rigid structurally.  Beaded Chandeliers move in extremely soft motion, hanging and dangling as they move.  These chandeliers offer an individual style that cannot be found with other types of structures.  They are very popular with the homeowner going for a more “hip” look in their decor and tend to give a more comfortable aesthetic feeling in the home, as they are less formal in their appearance.

  • Crystal Chandeliers

When looking for pizzazz in your lighting décor, look no further than Crystal as it has the outstanding ability to make your light sparkle, making it the go-to choice in chandeliers.  The sparkle in crystal occurs when light passes through the crystal, refracting the light to create that unmistakable classic sparkle.  Able to tolerate very high temperatures, crystal is ideal for large areas and intense light.  As far as maintenance goes, crystal is also preferred because it is very easy to clean although it can be very time consuming to go through all of the crystals, which tend to be many.

  • Tiffany Chandeliers

One of the more popular kinds of chandeliers, Tiffany Chandeliers are available in many types of themes.  These chandeliers consist of copper foil holding together colored glass pieces.  The design of Tiffany Chandeliers are extremely bright, made to be eye-catching no matter you find them in a home.

  • Brass Chandeliers

Due to it’s long life and special durability, Chandeliers have long been made out of brass.  This material provides a rustic look.  Brass chandeliers can be found in older homes but also lacks the class and aesthetic appeal to be very complimentary in more modern homes as well.  In the opinion of many, brass chandelier’s best quality is the fact that it is naturally resistant to corrosion, making it a very low maintenance light fixture.  The one drawback home owners regularly lament with brass is the fact that keeping it attractive and polished requires more maintenance and upkeep than some of the other chandeliers mentioned here.

  • Capodimonte Chandeliers

The art of pottery is the birthplace of Capodimonte chandeliers, which are extremely aesthetic, more so than most fixtures.  The one drawback that exists is that producing them takes painstaking and laborious process.  Unfortunately, that adds to the cost factor of this type of Chandelier.  These chandeliers are characterized by the many arms that come to an end with an individual shade covering a narrow candle light. 

Victorian Chandeliers are extremely beautiful and usually very unique and do go very well with your older Victorian home furnishings and style homes.  The appeal that this type of chandelier’s possess is nothing short of majestic and tend to go very well in large space such as hotel lobbies, large banquet halls and large stately homes.

Depending on what you have in mind and what your list of requirements are will largely determine what the right style of Chandelier is right for your home’s décor and appearance and there are certainly many other styles than are listed here.  To see more styles and to browse our selection of chandeliers and other household lighting fixtures, please visit our web site HERE.   

Lighting Expo, located in Wayne, N.J. on Rt. 23 South is a very large showroom featuring a staggering amount of inventory and choices for all of your lighting needs.  Training consultants stand ready to give you all of the information and lighting advice that you may require, depending on your specific needs.  Please visit our showroom for more information or to browse our large collection without pressure.

Good luck in your quest for the perfect chandelier



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