“Hanging Your Dining Room Chandelier” – Lighting Expo

How high you hang your beautiful chandelier makes ALL the difference!

One of the questions that we at Lighting Expo get from many DIY hangers is, how is a chandelier positioned and placed over a dining room table and how much room should you leave?  There are many answers to this question as the answer is not as universally agreed upon as universe lighting, but luckily there are many means by which to guide you through the process.  What you want to avoid however, is under sizing or over sizing the lighting of the chandelier above the eating area as this can lead to poor lighting and obstructions of view while enjoying time with your family.  That being said, our experience with the majority of our customers is that most tend to oversize rather than undersize and this is generally because many people do not take into consideration the design or space limitations associated with the furnishings in the room.

The basic rule of thumb for hanging chandeliers over a dining area  are that they are hung approximately five to five and a half feet off of the ground or more realistically, about 30” over the dining room table.  This is especially true if the piece you are hanging is a traditional or contemporary chandelier, but as with any rules of thumb, there are definite exceptions.  If the space you are working with has very high ceilings, than this rule will not apply.  A bowl type of chandelier will require a higher hang, necessitating a height of seven or more feet off of the ground.  The fact of the matter is that where the chandelier hangs over a table is critical to the design of a room and the larger the size room that you are working on the more flexibility you will have in the fixtures placement because there is more room to play with.

Achieving a light and fixture balance is very important and it is recommended that you leave a minimum of 12” of space on the table top unobstructed by the fixture.  In addition, the length of your table is where your size limitations will be determined.  If your dining room table is 64” long and 36” wide,  your light fixture should be only 24” wide.   When considering a fixture to be placed over a round table, the maximum size we would recommend would be 12” less than the diameter of the table.

Considering the weight of your furnishings of the room in addition to the above is equally important.  Are they heavy and require a more complimentary fixture?  How does the size of the chandelier affect the overall feel of the room and are there other visual limitations in the room such as windows or other obstructions.

In summary, there are ways to guide you through the process and many circumstances to consider when hanging your new chandelier, but taking into consideration the tips in this article will help you properly, both visually and practically, install that fixture, giving your family many years of properly lighted “family Time” together.

Lighting Expo, located in Wayne, N.J. and Freehold, N.J. has been serving the North Jersey area for the last 30 years.  We never fail to put the customer first and realize that any purchase you make with us has the potential to transform your home for the better.  Come in and visit our showrooms and let us help you find the exact furnishing that fits your home.  We can also be visited on the web at:  www.lightingexpo.com


About lightingexponj

Lighting Expo was founded over 25 years ago. Originally it began with a table at outside flea markets selling lamps the owner made out of wood himself. It grew to 1 small store on rt. 23 in Wayne NJ in 1984. The mission of lighting expo was to offer a wide selection of product at a fair price every single day instead of marking the price up high only to give a fake discount. Along with this pricing concept exceptional customer service was also given. This way of doing business was wildly accepted by the public and over the years Lighting Expo grew to be one of the largest retailers of lighting and decorative accessories in New Jersey with three beautiful designer showrooms with 35,000 sq ft of retail space and thousands of products from over 200 of the top manufacturers. We at Lighting Expo feel the back bone of this business is in fact the old fashioned brick and mortor retail stores where a customer can come in and touch and feel the product they are interested in, as well as meet personally the people that will guide them through the decisions they face. We at Lighting Expo are experienced at not only all aspects of residential lighting but light commercial as well. In building our web site we tried to simulate a customer coming and asking to be guided towards selections….although duplicating the warmth and ambiance of an actual showroom is impossible online ,we feel this site will be easy to navigate and can quickly narrow down your search. Also if you have any questions you can email us… or during normal business hours call us and you will be connected not to some call center, but a real live person who has been involved in lighting for anywhere between 3 and 20 years.We are also interested in any suggestions you may have to make our site better. Thank you for visiting our site and if you live in the New York or New Jersey we encourage you to come by one of our 3 locations to see the product for yourself and work with one of our professionals.
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